Quick cybersex chats

The fact that those sadistic shots focused mostly on other gals' boobs or guys' junk and coincided well with my own urges was a happy coincidence.

Just as I would have done if she'd given my pictures or stories that level of attention, she'd messaged me to thank me for all the 'love'. As 'Brett Davidson' I'd spent years torturing tits for the book line. It had been a way of letting one of my fantasies loose.

Besides, I'd only be comparing those women to the one I lost.

Tell me that isn't great." I thought back to my imaginary thrashing victim and what I'd do to her a dream. "So, I know what you'd do to some slut's tits if you could, the only question is whether you'd cover them with honey first." "Okay, not sure I follow..." "You almost never talk about the other side. What was that, 50 eight gauge needles through that one guy's balls? She's tied my wrists up to ceiling hooks and spread my ankles with a bar so I can't get away.

What's the craziest thing you'd want a woman do to you, if you could? Once I'm helpless, she sucks my cock until I'm granite hard.

Either way, knock yourself out and let me know what you think. I was through leaving bruises and bite marks, and being left with them.

* There is a fine line between being extremely kinky and playing with taboo.

I could really cut loose on my girlfriend, and I'd always kept my enjoyment of harder ball torture in the closet.