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I should have expected her to call on Christmas Day. “But I did give him a nice card, and I wrote him a little poem.” “Did he like it? “Like you said in your note, she probably wouldn’t approve of your poem.” “It wasn’t for her. I still want to do this.” I put my arms around him with my head against his chest. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for uncle gently Lifts her chin As cameras move Still closer in.”As my voice builds, I realize that I’m acting as I read:“His thrusts are hard And deep they go. Making me moan, and move on the carpet, he patted the towels and said come, come little bitch, lie here, little one. “Well, I didn’t BUY him anything….,” I said, looking at him. I smiled again at Uncle Cliff and spoke brightly, “And, I won’t be a virgin anymore.” Uncle Cliff spoke. The dog moves quickly, Pumping hard, Her body’s getting Jerked and jarred.”I quickly change pages, to keep up the momentum:“The cameras follow, Filming more As Rover pumps her On the floor. His hand slipping over my face, and neck, and breasts, and nipples pulling them gently, but firmly.

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Well, I’ve never imagined anything like it.” “Thank you,” I said with a smile. I glanced at the camera, which was still aimed at us. “Merry Christmas, Uncle Cliff,” I returned, putting my head against his. Looking at my master, my master said, then you may fuck her now, if you wish, and later we will take her for her walk, do you feel that to be what you would like to see and do? Tom turned to my master, and said: that is one horny little bitch, you have here, look how her fingers move, so gently over her cunt letting them slip in and out, and then down over her ass hole, look at it shining at us, wow this bitch is wet! tom knelt on a rug, and said: here little bitch, here, looked at him, his cock standing right up from between his legs, he said: in a firm voice come here bitch, now got on my hands and knees, and crawled over to the rug, he was sitting like a dog, looking up at him he said good little bitch, good little bitch, as his big hands went to my breasts, and felt my swinging breasts, and pulled my long hard nipples, hmmmmmmm your a little stunner, he pulled me too him by pulling on my nipples, my mouth still open, he said: please me little bitch! With that mouth, and tongue, I could see his cock hard and slightly bobbing, as licked the end hmmmmmm, it tasted nice, and smelt clean, my hand went around this big fat cock, my fingers not meeting for the thickness of his cock. Work it, you sexy whore, you do know how to please your master don’t you? I lifted off his cock, as he pulled my pony tail up, leaving his cock dripping in my saliva, he said to my husband: it sucks very well…… I turned, and lay on my back, my tongue lashing out to his cock, and balls as he said to master, you said she has little or no limits….

Fies reportedly contacted a second student, 13, through a My Space account and text messages, asking her to do sexually explicit things and send him photos, the reports.