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Being known as "The guy that was always ready to go out and do shots", Taylor's drinking became more problematic as time went by.Eventually, it reached a point where Taylor would begin to drink as soon as he got up in the morning and generally would not stop until blacking out.But for right now it was more important to just kind of get all of the important stuff out of the way first - get the album out, get the video done, get Knotfest done, get the first tours done, just to re-establish the band."Speaking of that matter, the widely-acknowledged theories about new members being Alex Venturella on bass and Jay Weinberg on drums was recently further supported with evidence from the band's disgruntled drum tech.

Corey Todd Taylor (born December 8, 1973) is an American musician best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of Slipknot and Stone Sour.

Corey Taylor is a founding member of Stone Sour, and has released five studio albums with them.

During Corey's youth he and some friends often talked about a burnt out old house that they dared not go near.

Then one night they all decided to make their way towards the house; to their surprise it was all lit up and after hearing noises they ran screaming. Before Slipknot he was part of the band, Stone Sour, Corey loves comedy albums, which he grew up on.

Taylor has been married once before and has 2 children, one Griffin Parker born Born September 17th, 2002 and Angeline, born in 1992 from an old relationship.