Best polyamorous dating sites

Siouxsie is a porn actress, sex worker, and host of "The Whore Cast" podcast.

"We met in a totally boring, super-regular way: through friends.

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It was an incredible feeling — being surrounded by a fabulous tribe of folks who support our love and our mission so completely."In my experience, porn has, in fact, helped me find the love(s) of my life.

I'm polyamorous, and all three of my partners are involved in the adult industry." —Siouxsie Kirsten Price, 33, and Keiran Lee, 31.

I'm from England, and I left to go home and visit for a while.

After just a month, Kirsten bought a plane ticket and flew out to meet me.

"Porn doesn't determine how it affects someone; it is the individual watching porn that determines how it affects them.