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At first it wasn’t clear whether her health would continue its rapid deterioration or plateau, so there was a good deal of trying to get systems in place to enable her to continue living by herself, in her own home in Addingham, West Yorkshire, as independently as possible.

To supplement the care her own family could provide, she had up to four visits a day from nurses and care assistants from the Airedale Collaborative Care Team (ACCT), an NHS agency whose staff recorded daily observations on her health. Grandma was a pretty extraordinary woman: idiosyncratic, plain-spoken, down to earth and pithy. She wanted to ask questions about how Grandma had died, which we dealt with easily enough.

She was admitted to hospital for the first time in her life and when she came out, in mid-February, three weeks before she died, she had a big box of pills, an oxygen machine and a thick file of medical notes.

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Though it’s impossible to tell how long this particular story has been with us, the victim-turned-robber motif has appeared in urban legends since the early 1900s.

The reaction most of us have to this legend nowadays is likely a pleasant chuckle at the humor of an inadvertent mix-up and at the thought of a crusty old gray-haired, pistol-wielding broad scaring the daylights out of a bunch of (innocent) men.

In our case, the coroner eventually signed off the death as caused by lung disease with no fuss and no post mortem, leaving us free, a couple of days later, to continue with arrangements as we pleased. A simple visit from the GP was all we’d have needed.

The funeral was beautiful; a bright, sunny day at Skipton crematorium; a coffin woven from Somerset willow covered in spring flowers and a cheery lunch afterwards overlooking Ilkley Moor.

As she was leaving, she noticed several security guards and honked and waved to get their attention.


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    It is with the pioneers who opened the way, and with the men who followed and built and tended the pleasant town of Windsor on the noble river's bank that Mr. He has expended much time and labour in gathering his material and in disinterring from the somewhat dusty chambers of the past the names and deeds of men who "deserve to live." For these services Mr. who would know the early history of Australia must perforce know something of its first granary, the Green Hills, afterwards known as Windsor. These and others made several successive visits to the Hawkesbury River, reaching as far as Richmond Hill. He also built the Governor Bligh, in 1807, which traded to New Zealand. The foundation stone of the present church was laid on 8th December, 1875. The chief laymen during the seventies throughout the whole circuit were:—William Dean, J.

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