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I know it is bribery, but if it just gets her into the habit of concentrating and applying herseful, it is worth a try. Let me know how you go on Jo, if you find a solution too!!!

So far so good - two days of good results, although the teacher did remind her today to stop daydreaming, she wasn't moved and apparently did as much work as everyone and even more than Thomas (whoever he is! Hi, didn't want to just read and run We experienced something very similar with DD2 last year when she was in year 3.

I kept being told she was a very bright little girl, who produced good work when she put her mind to it.

I did start to worry about this, and wondered whether she had Attention Deficit Disorder or something similar.

What I am wondering is at what stage do you start to worry about their concentration being the symptom of something else?


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    She details methods for constructing effective exposure sessions that can apply to youth with various anxiety disorders. D., ABPP, is the Director of the Child Anxiety and Phobia Program (CAPP) and Professor of Psychology at Florida International University.

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    It was only an outburst because as a friend and as a co-actor, if he would have apologized when the incident occurred, I would have felt good and this matter wouldn't have aggravated more," she was quoted by the website.