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Chris is a normal Essex lad, he’s very private and low key.He likes spending time with his mum and mates and not being in the spotlight.'Jesy’s life is a world away from his.Atop their romantic vacation, the songstress has been on a spree on Harry's Instagram profile as she has been littering his top snaps with likes - as she moves on from the reality star, who reunited with his ex soon after their romance.

It was a lot of work, but I was able to handle it without issue.

So now that I’m just “X”, many of my previous responsibilities have been delegated to a new hire, and frankly… I’ve made an effort to “slow down” and even created a new project for myself (I’m in a creative field so this is easy to do) but I’m still finding myself with down time.

My employer wants me to remove an offensive sticker from my truck I recently broke up with my girlfriend and to retaliate, I put a sticker across the front windshield of my truck that says “Lift it!

Fat girls can’t jump.” (My truck is raised or “lifted” really high. The sticker makes fun of fat girls not able to get in my truck.) It was funny to me and my friends.

I really don’t want to leave this job as I like the company’s philosophy, the people/culture, not to mention the fact that jobs in this somewhat niche field are few and far between.