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if they are not what your looking for when you meet then you wal away....

at least when u do meet you can get into the real deal..beats batting off to a web cam dont ya think ?

Yeah, watch Match - the automatic renewal thing is on by default.

I used it briefly last year (and it was crap btw) and the thing has been billing me every month even though my profile has been suspended for ages.

Sub par quality genes looking for the super human gene and in their description its even listed that if you don't meet the super human quality they seek no matter how subpar they themselves are (obese, below average facial features, have 4 kids or more sometimes fathered by different guys...) then don't bother contacting them LOLMost of them are above average weight single mums. Having a near total lack of interest in clubs, I've found RSVP to work quite well.


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