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They should ask if it would be better to take the child to an ambulatory surgery center, where an anesthesiologist would be present.

If the procedure is being done in an outpatient clinic without a pediatric anesthesiologist, make sure it’s low risk, Swanson noted.

If your child is in the backseat for the car ride home, make sure there's someone who can be there beside him to watch him and make sure his airway doesn't get closed off or he doesn't slow his breathing while you’re driving home, Swanson said.

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Araceli Avila never dreamed that her daughter's life might be at risk during a visit to the dentist.

But on June 12, Daleyza Hernandez Avila, 3, died during a dental procedure.

“It doesn’t take much to obstruct a small child’s airway. They can choke on a little bit of blood.” In a hospital or an ambulatory surgery center, there are medical support systems to help a child in distress.

In an office setting,"by the time anyone gets there, the child is in such deep trouble, it’s too late,” said Sibert.

“Parents can also simply ask, ‘Can this wait a year or two?