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She had been ill throughout much of her teens with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, which prevented her from mixing with her peers, as she was largely confined to the house. When she was just shy of 17 — but with the vulnerability of someone much younger — she came to me sheepishly, saying she had good news. They had made contact over the internet — at which point all my maternal instincts went on red alert. He was divorced, in his 30s, with children by several different women, to whom he had no access due to a history of violence.He had, apparently, put a man in hospital and been thrown out of the Army.She said that they talked with his mother and that his mother supports their relationship.

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He kept up contact for a while afterwards, but Bink never met up with him in person again.

Happily, Serena is now engaged to a man we all love.

Coming home one day, I caught sight of my eldest daughter, then 14, and her new — totally unsuitable — boyfriend, lurking in the front garden.

They were surrounded by a gaggle of other teenage boys, hoodies up, slouched over the handlebars of their bikes.

I was reminded of this encounter when I recently read how one in five parents admits plotting to get rid of a child’s boyfriend or girlfriend, by withholding messages, hiding mobiles, stirring up arguments or enforcing a ban.


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