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So Berens incorporated the cognitive processes into the temperament model, and also added a new set of groupings in addition to the temperaments; the Interaction Styles.

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Intimidating personality types

This grouping is called asymmetrical, because it does not map to the same dichotomies across the board like our sociability temperaments mentioned earlier.

Notice, for Sensors, temperament is determined by J/P, while for i Ntuitors, it is T/F (This would be formulated S J/P; N T/F).

Kretschmer developed his four Character Styles: depressive, hypomanic, anesthetic and hyperesthetic, which made up the two categories "cyclothymes" and "schizothymes" .

It was these types Keirsey apparently utilized and mapped to the MBTIs 16 types, across its S/N dichotomy factored by a new scale he called Cooperative vs. (SJs and NFs are cooperative; meaning do whats right, and SPs and NTs are utilitarian or pragmatic, meaning do what works.

You can see where this is sort of an early forerunner to the Sensing vs i Ntuition scale.


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