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"Said report on return is in the first instance to be made to Wm. Roads were formed, and a new bridge built over the South Creek. A large collection of newspaper cuttings has been got together in book form by Mr. Padley ("Yeldap"), and can be found in the Sydney Public Library, catalogue number 994 over 7. In Macquarie's time there was no street between the gaol and the Court House. There was another course at Wilberforce, to which visitors came from all parts of the colony. In 1848 it was 1,679, and in 1891 the figures were 2,026. The population of Windsor according to the 1911 census was 1,674. Andrew Thompson, however, did not live long to enjoy the honours which were thus thrust upon him, for he died at his residence, Green Hills, on 22nd October, 1810, and was buried on 26th October, in a vault, in the new cemetery. His effects were sold by auction on 19th January, 1811, by John Howe, his successor in the office of local auctioneer. A number of gentlemen followed as mourners, and a long train, composed principally of the inhabitants of the settlement, followed in succession." The following is a copy of the entry of his death in the register of the Parish Church of Hawkesbury:—"Entry No. Andrew Thompson, Esq., of this Parish, came to the colony in the ship Pitt, in the year of our Lord, 1792.

Cox, Esq., principal magistrate of the Hawkesbury." The year 1810 thus marks the beginning of the town of Windsor, for in that year Governor Macquarie, having visited all the settlements along the Hawkesbury, issued the above instructions to lay out townships on the high ground. Andrew Thompson was appointed chief magistrate for the district, but he died in the same year, and was succeeded by William Cox. A burial ground was approved of, and a military hospital established. An older article runs through the Windsor Magazine published in 1857. Wooden wharf for one-hundred-ton boats, and a ferry punt. There had been another Court House previous to 1821, but it was discarded. A local fair was held, regarding which we clip the following advertisement from the Government Gazette;—"Windsor Annual Fair. The latter died on 12th January, 1838, aged 61 years. In the thirties a great change came over the street formation of Windsor. His was the first interment there, the ground not being fenced nor consecrated until shortly after (11th, May, 1611). The following obituary notice of Andrew Thompson appeared in the Sydney Gazette, 27th October, 1810:— "Died at Hawkesbury, Green Hills, on Monday, 22nd instant, after a lingering and severe illness, aged 37 years, Andrew Thompson, Esq., Magistrate of that district. Aged 37 years, and was buried October 25th, 1810.—Robert Cartwright." A memo after this entry says: "A. was the first corpse buried in the new church-yard at Windsor." The inscription on his tombstone in St.

Baker afterwards kept an hotel in Baker Street, known as the Royal Oak. On account of distress caused by floods the Governor curtailed the sale of rum during the year 1798. He next appears on the scene as a brewer, receiving permission on 11th May, 1806, to sell at a shilling a gallon, and small beer sixpence.

The old Government House was also built about this time as a residence for Lieutenant Edward Abbott, commander of the troops for the N. About the year 1800 there appeared on the Hawkesbury a settler named Andrew Thompson, who played a leading part in the development of the district up to the time of his death in 1810. His brewery was situated on the bank of the South Creek. Hughes (who was the schoolmaster at Richmond, and formerly at Windsor), R.

The first Presbyterian Church was opened at Ebenezer in 1809. He had a house, known as the Red House, on his farm near Magrath's Hill (see illustration). Another meeting, probably called by Andrew Thompson, was held at his house in 1807, when it was decided to send a petition of sympathy to Governor Bligh. Andrew Thompson was appointed auctioneer for the Hawkesbury district by the Lieutenant-Governor, on the 21st January, 1809.


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