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I couldn´t resist anymore when his tongue licks my neck.

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That drove me crazy, I was in paradise and my breasts needed to have a right color.

My nipples were erect, between the excitement I felt and the fresh air that blew at times. I could see where the look came from, it was a girl who was with her group of friends, and they were under the shade of a “Palapa,” while she sunbathed without a bra, showing her hot figure, lovely breasts her nipples seemed to look towards the sun, with thin, curved legs.

Tasting that tongue with a mint flavor of the first boy that was my first love was a good experience, and I think for him also was okay because his little friend was like a rock under his pants.

Later I knew that not all girls are lucky like me, I must confess that this boy had good breath always had a mint in his mouth, besides was very handsome.

I was at my aunt’s house one afternoon because of the birthday cousin; which takes me two years ahead.