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I think in some ways it is our way of coping with rejection (we rationalize it) and I am thankful most days that I have this weird sense that everyone should want to be with me and if they don't then they have no idea of what they could have had in a relationship. We just go mad if someone isn't straightforward with us and leaves us hanging.

One has to be a real 'man' to capture her attention and, frankly speaking, very brave. We will let you know all that you need to know, everything else we keep to ourselves :) Good Luck, Scorpio Let me say I dated my Scorpio female for 3 years and I'm a Libra male.. and no I don't say that just to defend myself it's just her personality is very direct, very strong, intense and it creates conflict cause there is no agreeing or trying to solve a problem.. I kinda like the direct attitude at times but not when fights come up.. It is not scary to date a scorpio woman by: Anonymous Just respect us. I admit I am very straight forward, especially when I'm interested in someone. When I'm in love, sex is a way to connect our souls together.

So, those who do dare dating her are at least have some 'guts' which she is looking for. when thing's are going good for us there going good there is a lot of communication, love etc.. good luck with one like I said there great women just you have to decided if you wanna handle the emotional side to them.. I don't see the need to waste anyone's time or play games. I need a man that can understand that and not want to run the other way thinking I'm too intense.

I'm a scorpio woman and I think if I were someone else I'd be pretty scared of them. I do try to think about what I say before I say it since being told I am too harsh and cold sometimes.

I'm in a relation with an Aquarius and even though I'm not supposed to love him match wise, I feel so conneceted to him and he's absolutely obsessed with me except not in the over whelming way. I have definitely changed since I was a teenager and have come a long way in how I come across.

It will take a very emotionally strong, caring man, such as a moon in scorpio to be able to handle me. Good luck to everyone that gets involved with a Scorpio.


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