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Stakes in some areas have found creative ways to hold conferences while staying within budgetary constraints.

The Montreal stake Single Adults, for example, sponsored a 1990 summer conference in Sharon, Vermont, the birthplace of Joseph Smith, and invited singles from Ottawa and Vermont to join for a weekend of seminars, historical tours, and outdoor recreation.

So fourteen members of the ward bought some flowers and chocolates, took a two-and-one-half-hour drive, and visited their friend.

“Not only did we feel the joy of serving,” says Mahi, “but she felt the love we have for her.

Few people responded to our calls, and it seemed that getting together was too much of a sacrifice for everyone.” In a country where long hours at work and on commuter trains dampen enthusiasm for activities not viewed as vital, “we had a challenge.” Rather than continue holding activities with disappointing turnouts, the active singles in Kaori’s ward began praying about improving the program.