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"From a ransom perspective, it's a catastrophic failure," says Craig Williams, a cybersecurity researcher with Cisco's Talos team.

As the unprecedented ransomware attack known as Wanna Cry (or Wcrypt) unfolds, the cybersecurity community has marveled at the inexplicable errors the malware's authors have made.

Despite the giant footprint of the attack, which leveraged a leaked NSA-created Windows hacking technique to infect more than 200,000 systems across 150 countries, malware analysts say poor choices on the part of Wanna Cry's creators have limited both its scope and profit.

Its use of a recently leaked NSA Windows vulnerability, called Eternal Blue, created the worst epidemic of malicious encryption yet seen.

But even judging Wanna Cry solely by its ability to spread, its creators made huge blunders.

But it increasingly appears that this is not the work of hacker masterminds.