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The practical uses for this service seem limitless; monitor your pets, children or caretakers, keep a watchful eye on your business or neighborhood, survey your apartment while youre on vacation, deter a vandal, catch a suspected culprit red-handed, or turn the camera on yourself and broadcast live streaming video to your distant friends and family.

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All Donations are considered Gifts and are Non Refundable. Record videos from any webcams, digital video cameras and save video as AVI, MP4, WMV file format. Audio can be recorded from microphone, line-in, or speakers.

Another function excels in taking screenshots of webcam screen and saving it as a standard image format JPG/BMP directly.

Its also nice to know that you can always opt to pay for additional online storage if you ever run low.

Goto Camera client software is available for Windows, Mac, i Pod and i Pad, and whats more, they offer software that allows you to use your Android mobile phone as an additional surveillance cam.

Another remarkable benefit is how quick and easy it is to use.