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He can feel them under his shirt, can hear them in his mind. He remembers the heat of the day and the cool of the water. He and his girlfriend, pretty Joellene Stevens, had just had Morgan* the year before, a beautiful baby with her mom’s blond hair and her dad’s blue eyes.

The young couple often fought—she had left him once already—but they were trying to make things work, living with Greg’s mom in Red Oak.

Greg didn’t ask for mercy, and he didn’t expect it.

Another time, in the cafeteria, a guy sneaked up and choked him from behind.

Follow Nightbird, the newest member of The Specials as she fulfils a lifelong dream to become a superhero. Don't expect to see huge prehistoric beasts flying around. I found myself getting wrapped-up in their all too human problems.


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    We also see Islamic law making it necessary for a woman (whether virgin or previously married) to have a male guardian give her away in marriage, for example we learn that when Muhammad married Umm Salamah she was an ‘older widow’ but what we hardly read is that she was “married to the Prophet” by her son, Salamah (Ibn Hisham, 2010, p. On the other hand, the pre-Islamic forms of unions, some of which gave authority to women in a marriage, were replaced by patriarchal order by Islam (see Ahmed, 1986, p.