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But that doesn’t mean he values our momentary happiness above everything else. And while holiness does surely reap happiness (in the next life if not this one), we must recognize moments—today—when it becomes necessary to forgo our flourishing as an act, not just of obedience, but of “repairing the world” (Taylor again).

Indeed, the Christian story is not just one of flourishing but renunciation. This is the only way to make sense of the Cross—both the one Jesus bore and the one we ourselves take up.

"The great part of year two is we get to learn from the wisdom of the audiences from year one.

They told us what they need: more cities, more speakers and more opportunities to stay together and act together.

Indeed, Melton understands that her most sacred responsibility as a leader is to model what it means to be “so comfortable in your own being, your own skin, your own knowing—that you become more interested in your own joy and freedom and integrity than in what others think about you.” For evangelical women who have religiously read her blog since its inception in 2009 and admired her personal redemption story and public activism, Melton’s news is dramatic—even earth shaking.


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    This leads to a potentially flawed interpretation of the message and who the person is. Rachel’s areas of expertise include relationships, self-esteem, dating, mindfulness, anxiety, depression and stress management.

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