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You are convinced your son will die alone because no girl could ever possibly be interested in him. You are counting down the days until you can involuntarily sterilize your son, which you want to do because he is autistic. Believe you me, we will line up to fight you if you try this against his will. What about Jennifer Msumba's courage in speaking up against the JRC for torturing disabled people?

I am TERRIFIED for your son, because he has to live with you. Of facing the very people who abused her and still justify it, because it might get others out and make the torture stop? Look, every autistic person will not have a romantic or sexual relationship in their lifetimes.

One's called President.) As an autistic human being, I am enraged and devastated at Harper Books' decision to publish this garbage. It's many, many more autistic people whose parents will read it.

I teach a college course on disability police and social movements.

That means making sure he gets real, meaningful sex education about reproductive choices, reproductive healthcare, and what consent is. If you still want to write another book later, let it be an honest book.


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