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I have supervised addictions and mental health therapists, rape crisis workers, trauma therapists working with survivors of torture, and housing workers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, which is the poorest-off reserve part of Canada.

In my supervision work, I’m always asking myself these reflexive questions: How can we be of use and fully alive?

I had earned a university degree, which was a struggle financially, and I experienced myself as a working class woman who had suffered from men’s violence. It made me aware of my locations of privilege, not disadvantage.

I’m a white settler Canadian, we had heterosexual privilege—which helped us immigrate—a Western passport, and white-skinned privilege.

He wrote about “masculine protest,” which made way more sense to me as a woman. A few years ago, in the Downtown Eastside, I came across Adler University students doing social justice practicums. In my work addressing homelessness, I became involved in co-writing an article with another Adler practicum student.