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could stand for Real HOME WRECKERS of Beverly Hills! Reality star Taylor Armstrong is freaking her friends and castmates the fudge out with her super-serious relationship.

You'll recall that Taylor rebounded quickly after hubby Russell Armstrong's suicide, to the shock of many of her friends, and with a married dude no less!

In 2011, Armstrong’s first marriage ended tragically when her husband Russell committed suicide and she discovered his body hanging.

Aside from great taste in jewelry, what else is there to Taylor's future husband? In order to deflate the rumors, he issued a statement last December saying, "Taylor Armstrong is not a home wrecker...(We are) in a romantic relationship and we are both very happy."3.

alum Taylor Armstrong at a party for the Upfronts while they were still on their respective series.

The path was lined with candles and he had the tent filled with white roses and lillies …

The groom-to-be started the celebration by dramatically uncorking a bottle of Veuve Grand Dame champagne with a saber, after which he and Armstrong walked along the beach to where a day bed and pillows were set up.

Holding hands and indulging in some PDAs, Taylor, who was wearing a gorgeous strapless white dress with black accents, was more than happy to pose for snaps with her lawyer love.


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