sex dating in aurora kansas - Developing a healthy dating relationship

While daters are encouraged to develop and use healthy relationship skills in their dating relationships, nondaters are encouraged to use those skills in peer relationships, as peer relationships provide a foundation for later romantic relationships.

For students involved in an unhealthy or unsafe dating relationship, there is a fifth intervention track focusing on keeping oneself safe in relationships.

And the more both people are invested in nurturing their relationship, the better chance that relationship has for a strong, intimate connection.

The other part of keeping a relationship strong is thinking about what can make it happier – in addition to just fixing problems.

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is a 3-session computer tailored intervention that includes questions, individualized feedback, videos, and personal stories designed to educate, motivate, and inspire students to use healthy relationship skills to improve their relationships and stay violence-free. The program has separate intervention tracks for high-risk daters, low-risk daters, high-risk nondaters, and low-risk nondaters.

Make sure you schedule time for the well-being of your relationship.