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Windows XP Pro Collection provide all Windows XP version that Microsoft had released, those version comes with integrated updates and they are clean ISO, no component is remove.Added drivers AHCI ( hard disk controllers ) to allow installation on modern motherboards and notebooks.This OS is extremely easy to use and you can operate many of its functions from a remote control. Update Windows XP : In order to get updates in Windows XP, you must upgrade Windows Update to Microsoft Update: 1. • Windows Internet Explorer v8 (Roll Back to 6 possible). Also included are over 140 MB of additional SATA/AHCI and LAN drivers and including with some Themes, Runtimes, Patches/Fixes, Tweaks and some optional Programs and Pre-Configured Settings. Multimedia: “Images and Backgrounds”, “Movie Maker”, “Music Samples”. Network: “MSN Explorer”, “Netmeeting”, “******* Express”, “Windows Messenger”. Operating System Options: “Blaster and Nachi removal tool”, “Desktop Cleanup Wizard”, “Out of Box Experience (OOBE)”, “Tour”. 3rd-party Drivers: “Display Adapters”, “ISDN”, “Logitech Wing Man”, “Microsoft Side Winder”, “Scanners”, “Sony Jog Dial”, “Toshiba DVD decoder card”. Disc Files: “clock.avi”, “flash.ocx”, “mmc.chm”, “plugin.ocx”, “rdsktpw.chm”, “swflash.inf”, “swtchbrd.bmp”, “*****.bmp”. Disc Folders: “DOTNETFX”, “SUPPORT”, “VALUEADD”, “I386\WIN9XMIG”, “I386\WIN9XUPG”. It is fully functional, I have never had a problem with anything in years of using it extensively.

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You don’t need to type a product key, i have already integrated one but you still need to validate your copy. Microsoft Visual Basic C AIO installer can be found in “Visual Basic AIO 1.0.7” folder.

Use Win Setup From USB to create a bootable usb installer if you need.

This is here so you can boot into the “Repair Option” from the CD.

When Windows is unattended like in options 1 to 8, you do not get this “Repair Option”. This has to be one of the best things ever created in the world of computing!

I really don’t recommend you to installing on your real pc yet because it’s underand may cause problems like BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on a virtual machine fist. Windows XP Media Center Edition version of the Windows XP operating system, which is designed for use in a home.


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