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It seems to be a geek’s rite of passage to brag about how many monitor screens they have (“you only have two?! But now those of you who own an i Pad can use a simple app to expand your collection of screens, turning your $500 tablet into a small, portable monitor. Duet is a cross-platform app that enables you to add another screen to your laptop or desktop, simply by connecting an i Pad to either a Windows or a Mac OS X computer.

It was made by former Apple engineers, and it is so damn good that it blows away most other similar solutions, particularly those that relied on a network connection.

You will need to stay within the Wi-Fi to keep the connection, and as we’ve seen in the past the wireless solutions don’t provide a truly lag-free experience.

The i Pad version is $9.99 while the Android version is only $3.99. This is one for Mac OS X and i OS only (sorry Windows users).

It’s not only multiple screen addicts who will find this useful.