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According to the FBI, among those targeting Americans, scammers usually portray themselves as Americans traveling or working abroad, and are most likely to target women over 40, who are divorced, widowed, and/or disabled.The scammer strings the target along with online communication before they ask for money and other favors.There is a lot of hookup ID services that pop up everywhere on any online dating community industry nowadays but we all know that some scammers can imitate some of these by false information that can be look deceiving on one glance.

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(This may be specific to Seeking Arrangement, where most of the wealthy "sugar daddy" users are straight men. "These men and women tug on your heartstrings," Velasquez says.

Doctoral delusion Thirty-seven percent of scam profiles say they have a graduate degree and 54 percent say they have doctorates.

Again scammers differ from those who ask you to get a security ID, we explained all about the purpose of the dating security ID on our previous articles.

When a member from a dating site asks you to send money either for his/her transportation to meet you, to pay internet bills to continue talking to you, or to pay hospital bills, they are scammers.

Lovin' God Scammers are mostly Catholic, or at least they say they are.


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