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Indeed, the number of men and women ‘living apart together’ has increased by 40 per cent in the past decade.Famously, they include the actress Helena Bonham Carter and her director husband Tim Burton, who live in adjacent London homes.

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Others have grandchildren nearby and don’t want to uproot themselves. One couple I know, who have been together for seven years, work from home and divide their time between her flat in London and his cottage in Hastings, East Sussex. I’m not scared of commitment or sharing my finances, but I’m terrified of domesticity. My children had grown up, I was a free agent and my boyfriend needed somewhere to live.

So I bought a house and we renovated it together — a passion killer if ever there was one.

I know several couples who live apart and prefer it that way.

This especially applies to those who have got together later in life, when each person is more likely to be set in their ways and less willing to adapt.

I missed the thrill of impermanence that separate homes had brought to my relationship with Mel.