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w=230&h=300"Paul George is rumored to be dating Callie Rivers, the former University of Florida volleyball player and daughter of Clippers coach, Doc Rivers.

George, who will start the All-Star game in a couple weeks, signed a 5-year, $90 million contract extension with the Pacers in the offseason.

The couple have been keeping a pretty low profile, but Callie hasn’t been able to help herself from dropping a few hints. Ironically, Irving also sent well wishes to Callie Rivers’ most recent NBA ex Paul George just a few months ago.

Over the past few years Callie has been a very popular lady in the basketball world.

Normally, Callie Rivers would have quite the conundrum on her hands on an evening when ninth-ranked Duke takes on fifth-ranked North Carolina. An 01 jersey in clashing shades of blue would be something to behold. It would be akin to a mongoose and a cobra sitting down for tea and biscuits together.