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“They figure I lost the money, I don’t want to report it because it’s embarrassing, my children will be mad at me, I’m going to look stupid, so they don’t report it,” he said.

He says they’re still searching for the person behind this scam.

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    Scott Taylor is the theater director at Flower Mound High School.

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    My date kept laughing and said he was going to say something to the man. My date ignored my request and said something to the homeless man through the window, who then spit on my date. —Ashley Benoit, Facebook I coincidentally went on a date with a woman who worked in the same field as me.

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    It is not yet clear if the man had dual Russian citizenship, or ever had Russian citizenship, though he did communicate to investigators in Russian.

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    According to several commenters, fully-clothed men doing nothing offensive are getting unfairly blocked because chat partners decide they’d prefer an attractive woman.