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I tear off his clothes and get my hands on his cock. I really couldnt tell you how long I sucked that cock.. They teased me unmercifully saying they were going to tell every one in school what they saw.

Lick it and still stroking it I push my lips around it. I start sucking up and down with my mouth and stroking with my hand. My first cock and I am doing a good job of sucking it. I tried pushing him back and started to yell stop....that was a big mistake because that opened my mouth...I was high and not thinking...:) He pushed forward and right as the tip was in my mouth the door to the RV opened and there was his older sister and her best friend (guess they were coming out to get high as well)They barged in laughing and calling us fags, he immediately told them no he (me) was sucking him he is the fag.

i was forced the first time by the janitor at school...he held my head and came down my throat something snapped in me and it felt right. Most guys wont with me for some have my head held like he did and fuck my mouth, using me until he gets off is perfect for me now. we drove to a secluded area, where i sucked his magnificient 8" cock. I was excited to finally feel the rush of pleasuring another man and he was excited about receiving his first BJ in over 20 years.

he picked me up in a mens room after showing me his cock thru a small hole in the wall. I was interested in exploring my Bi-Sexuality and see what all this "Cock Worship" was really about ..was sexually frustrated by a COLD Manipulating Wife, who dealt out sex as a way to control and reward slave like behavior (haven't we all heard about them).

I sucked and got fucked by Ronnie for the next three years until we got out of school, Maxine truly loved showing me off to her friends, so everyone found out anyhow.


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