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All proceedings heretofore taken in connection with the authorization or issuance of any issue of bonds, all or a part of which have heretofore been purchased by the United States through the Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works, or an agreement for the purchase of all or a part of which has heretofore been entered into by the United States through the Federal Emergency Administrator of Public Works, issued or to be issued for the purpose of financing or aiding in the financing of any work, undertaking or project by any public body are validated, ratified, approved and confirmed notwithstanding any lack of power of such public body, or the governing board, council, commission or officers thereof, to authorize such bonds, or to execute the same, and notwithstanding any defects or irregularities in such proceedings or in such sale, execution or delivery, and all bonds heretofore or hereafter issued pursuant to such proceedings shall constitute binding, legal, valid, and enforceable obligations of such public body. Excluding for the purposes of this paragraph those general obligation bonds and revenue bonds issued pursuant to the provisions of part III of chapter 154, parts II, III, and V of chapter 159, and part II of chapter 243, each unit of local government shall, within 120 days after the delivery of any general revenue or obligation bonds which were sold at public sale by competitive bids, file the following information with the division on forms prescribed by the division: Within 90 days after the delivery of such bonds, the managing underwriter or financial consultant shall file with the unit of local government a statement containing the information required by sub-subparagraph 1.c. A special district that is a component unit, as defined by generally accepted accounting principles, of a local governmental entity shall provide the local governmental entity, within a reasonable time period as established by the local governmental entity, with financial information necessary to comply with this section.

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If a fiscally constrained county fails to apply for the distribution, its share shall revert to the fund from which the appropriation was made. The board of county commissioners may notify the Governor of the failure of any county officer to comply with the provisions of this section. The request for proposal shall include information on how proposals are to be evaluated and such other information the committee determines is necessary for the firm to prepare a proposal.

In determining the reductions in ad valorem tax revenues occurring as a result of the implementation of the revisions to Art. Such notification shall specify the name of the officer and the office held by him or her at the time of such failure and shall subject said officer to suspension from office at the Governor’s discretion. 218.37, 218.38, 218.385, and 218.386, the term “unit of local government,” except where exception is made, means a county, municipality, special district, district school board, local agency, authority, or consolidated city-county government or any other local governmental body or public body corporate and politic authorized or created by general or special law and granted the power to issue general obligation or revenue bonds; and the words “general obligation or revenue bonds” shall be interpreted to include within their scope general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, special assessment bonds, limited revenue bonds, special obligation bonds, debentures, and other similar instruments, but not bond anticipation notes. Rank and recommend in order of preference no fewer than three firms deemed to be the most highly qualified to perform the required services after considering the factors established pursuant to paragraph (a).

This act shall not prohibit a federally authorized and recognized tribal government from establishing a minimum wage in excess of the federal minimum wage for natural persons employed within any territory over which the tribe has jurisdiction. The final approved budget of the clerk of the circuit court must be posted on the county’s official website within 30 days after adoption. If the committee determines that an audited entity has failed to take full corrective action for which there is no justifiable reason for not taking such action, or has failed to comply with committee requests made pursuant to this section, the committee may proceed in accordance with s. The predecessor auditor of a district school board shall provide the Auditor General access to the prior year’s working papers in accordance with the Statements on Auditing Standards, including documentation of planning, internal control, audit results, and other matters of continuing accounting and auditing significance, such as the working paper analysis of balance sheet accounts and those relating to contingencies.

Beginning in fiscal year 2008-2009, the Legislature shall appropriate moneys to offset the reductions in ad valorem tax revenue experienced by fiscally constrained counties, as defined in s. The final approved budget of the clerk of the circuit court may be included in the county’s budget. Each charter school and charter technical career center must file a copy of its audit report with the sponsoring entity; the local district school board, if not the sponsoring entity; the Auditor General; and with the Department of Education.

The term includes, but is not limited to, health benefits; disability benefits; death benefits; group accidental death and dismemberment benefits; paid or unpaid days off for holidays, sick leave, vacation, and personal necessity; retirement benefits; and profit-sharing benefits. Each county fee officer shall establish an annual budget for carrying out the powers, duties, and operations of his or her office for the next county fiscal year. The audit report must include a written statement describing corrective actions to be taken in response to each of the auditor’s recommendations included in the audit report.