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It’s bad enough checking your partner’s phone when they leave the room, or taking a peek at their Facebook page, yet a new app takes this level of snooping not just a step further, but a giant leap forward.

The m Spy app can be installed to select smartphones and lets spies remotely see which apps have been used and how often, pictured.

The biggest deals in the Delaware Basin of the past year:1Buyer: Exxon Mobil; seller: BOPCO and other Bass family-owned companies; price tag: $6.6 billion2 Buyer: Noble Energy; seller: Clayton Williams; price tag: $2.7 billion3Buyer: RSP Permian; seller: Kayne Anderson; price tag: $2.54 billion4Buyer: EOG Resources; seller: Abo Petroleum Corp., MYCO Industries and Yates Petroleum Corp.; price tag: $2.46 billion5Buyer: Diamondback Energy; seller: Brigham Resources; price tag: $2.4 billion6Buyer: Occidental Petroleum Corp.; seller: undisclosed; amount $2 billion7Buyer: Riverstone and other private equity firms; seller: Centennial Resource Development and NGP Energy Capital Management; price tag: $1.53 billion8 Buyer: PDC Energy; seller: 229 Resources, Arris Petroleum Corp.

and Kimmeridge Energy; price tag: $1.51 billion9Buyer: WPX Energy; seller: Carrier Energy Partners, Panther Energy Company II; price tag: $775 million10Buyer: Callon Petroleum Co.; seller: American Resource Development; price tag: $615 million Source: IHS Markit If oil prices stay at current levels, around $50 a barrel, oil production in the Permian Basin and elsewhere in the United States could rise by half a million barrels a day by year's end - about one-third the promised output cuts of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other major producers, such as Russia.

Multibillion-dollar deals like Exxon Mobil's could keep rigs running hard.


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