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Have Students use Love is Not Abuse study guide during the lecture portion of the presentation.

There are a variety of readings and discussion points in identifying all parts of the abuse cycle, types of people who are targets or perpetrators. You may also refer to the LINA Curriculum Watch and discuss this excellent video from the Sandy Police Department about Teen Dating Violence.

Sexual Harassment, Pick & Choose Activities for Grades 7-12 by Betty Hubbard, Ed. Published by ETR Associates Contains good lesson plans for sexual harassment, but also has a few good lesson plans on gender stereotypes and the media.

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You may follow the instructions exactly as printed, or condense to fit within your time frame.

A powerpoint presentation has been made that goes along with the lesson, which you may use instead of making all the handouts.

Available through Love Is Not Abuse Curriculum – free.

Available through Katie Brown Education Program org Teaches dating violence units in schools; may request a donation; evidence-based curriculum. Coaching Boys Into Men free kit & materials to help young athletes build respectful, non-violent relationships Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment may occur in an abusive dating relationship.

Excellent book Videos Break the Silence CDC produced video for parents on dating violence go to: Dating for Real: Building Safe & Healthy Relationships Series of 3 videos, can be purchased as a set or individually through Human Relations Media org also has a series of student pamphlets on dating/domestic violence; dating safely, date rape Posters Great set of posters: Unhealthy Relationships cost $49.95 for 6 laminated posters Health and Drug Education, Culver City, CA 1-800-421-4246 Music According to You by Orianthia My Life Would Suck Without You by Kelly Clarkson……check out the video Under My Thumb by the Rolling Stones Every Breath You Take by the Police Refugee by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers White Horse by Taylor Swift….video, she says “No” in the end & breaks up Please contact us with any lesson plans, activities, books, videos, etc that you have found to be useful and effective. Teachers sharing and helping each other….that’s is the purpose of this website!