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Speed graduated in May 2011 and received her degree.

Throughout her studies at FSU, Speed studied abroad for a period of time in Spain.

Speed documented her life consistently for 1802 days on the CTFXC You Tube Channel, along with her now ex-husband Charles Trippy, as part of the Internet Killed Television Vlogs.

On January 29th 2015, a day after introducing Karcher to the 'Vlogs', Speed posted a Video - 'I'm A F*cking PRINCESS' - in which she explains how she and Karcher knew each other and the history of their relationship.

Speed and Karcher met each other at Florida State University in 2007 - as they attended the same Spanish Class.

Moreover, library diversity and mutation system characteristics were analyzed in detail by high-throughput sequencing.

Allison "Alli" Rose Speed (Formally Alli Trippy) (August 13th, 1989) is an internet personality and Vlogger.

She has an older brother, Justin Speed - who she currently lives with.


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