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Barrier died a mysterious death the day after Rick Rizzolo was released from prison.

On June 30, 2008, the bar's grand fathered adult use zoning finally expired.

Rizzolo's criminal activities were photographed and reported on a daily basis by his next door neighbor, garage owner James "Buffalo Jim" Barrier, and American photographer Mike Christ.

In 2000, Rizzolo sued me for libel and came close to getting a compromised state court judge to issue a gag order stopping my reports, but she backed down at the last minute when the ACLU and Las Vegas Review Journal intervened.

Undaunted, I kept reporting, and the suit was dismissed.

By Cy Ryan LAS VEGAS SUN March 27, 2014 CARSON CITY – The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld a $9 million judgment against former Las Vegas strip club owner Rick Rizzolo in a case where a customer was beaten and left paralyzed in a dispute over an $80 bar tab.


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