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The Academy’s goal is to provide each student with an opportunity to acquire professional and academic higher education in the areas of pedagogy, psychology, business, and management, as well as motivation for professional life and constant self-improvement.

RTTEMA prepares teachers who are able to prepare pupils for life and work in the information society.

The program enables graduates to fulfill functions in all education-related organizations.

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He wrote over forty volumes of translation and commentary on such classics as .

He wrote not only as a scholar but as a consummate practitioner, teaching by the example of his life.

In response to the broad range of challenges that arise in practice, graduates acquire advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of management, leadership and pedagogy. Ability to analyse regularities in the interpretations of different styles of musical works; objectively assess music science and composer's creative heritage; conduct scientific research in music pedagogy, use qualitative and quantitative research methods; prepare a cultural project proposal for accessing funding; work with computer programs designed for music.

Degree acquired: Professional Master's degree in pedagogy of music The length of the studies: The length of full time studies: 1 year and 5 months or 3 semesters The length of part-time studies: 2 years or 4 semesters Conduct of the studies study year - October (Introductory lecture, exercises etc.), January, June, July; study year October, January (defence of the Master paper).

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