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She found her flip flops and slipped her feet into them. After they ate dinner, after Miss Alvarez had retired to her room to read her Bible, Laci pulled Paula into her father's man cave. They watched, in almost morbid fascination as Asian girl after Asian girl displayed hairless vulvas, or shaved their pubic mounds for the camera. Then the second female entered the frame, knelt down, and began licking up the semen from the first girl's buttocks and pussy.

Then, with clothes in their arms, the girls thundered down the steps again. "Never believe what I found the other day," Laci giggled as she pulled open the drawer of her father's entertainment center. After twenty minutes, after a scene with a petite Asian woman taking one fist in her hairless pussy, a second fist in her tiny ass, Laci rewound the tape, then ejected it. "I've fucked almost everyone on the football team, the basketball team, all of our teachers..." "I mean, maybe you should try fucking a girl," Linda suggested and the two 'teens' kissed in a very sloppy manner. "Oh, hi Tiffany," Britney said, pulling her face out of Linda's pussy. "Okay, I think I've had enough of this," Laci decided and stood up.

The fifty nine year old man and his twenty one year old bride were leaving Chris's youngest, eighteen year old Laci Fontenot at home by herself, with only the housekeeper to watch over her. " Laci said as she thought of her creepy old father running his gnarled, calloused hands over the body of Yolanda Rodriguez. She drove to Cabrini High School, then parked in the students' parking lot. Paula wiggled down and kissed both of Laci's breasts, completely covering each mound of flesh with passionate kisses. After she left, Laci got up and put her breakfast dish into the dishwasher. Paula strained her head and managed to find Laci's pussy.

It was obvious to anyone that the only reason the twenty one year old Latin beauty had married the scrawny, pot-bellied balding man was for his money. Paula Don, really Don It Sim, a North Korean refugee smiled and waved as the pretty blonde approached. Then she wiggled further down and kissed Laci's belly. "I uh, you said 'I love you,'" Laci reminded Paula, staring intently out the kitchen window into the back yard of the house. " Paula asked, putting her own dish into the dishwasher. "Oh, oh God," Laci agreed as Paula's tongue slithered along her pussy lips.

The two kissed, their hands gently touching each other's faces.