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Many digitised early printed books (including some examples supplied from the University of Glasgow) are available via Early English Books Online (EEBO) and Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) - both accessible through the Historical Texts database: - you can access these directly by searching for authors/titles using the library's quicksearch.

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419), we have human and animal feet, the human body itself (rarely), implements, utensils, weapons, pendants, leaves, snakes, fish, mice, lizards, macropod legs and kangaroo tails, as well as whole birds and isolated images of a bandicoot, horse’s hoof and mammal skin.

(For a digest of finds with citations relating to the unusual among the above, plus evidence for the antiquity of recently-located whole bird stencils, see Taçon [4]).

Theoretical engagement with this nexus has in recent decades given rise to a new discourse on the subject of the “ecological self”.

My understanding of the term derives from cognitive psychology, in particular the founding studies of Neisser and his colleagues [1] working with concepts relating to the idea of “direct perception” developed by J. Gibson, whose focus was the perceiving organism extracting meaning from its surroundings.

My aim here is to comment on fundamental aspects of technique involved in the making of hand marks. Will the IFRAO English definition—“a positive pigmented imprint of a human hand, made by pressing a paint-covered hand against the rock surface”—satisfy everyone (Figure 2)? My hand stencil might look like yours but our understandings of the way it came into being and what it signifies might differ considerably.