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In this way it is easier for those who use the material to identify each character.

As truth is the common property of us all, the writer sincerely hopes that the sketches he has drawn will prove to be useful in the ministry of those who have opportunities of winning girls and women for the Master.

There is no other explanation for the mentality of parents choosing names like Delilah, Tamar and Sapphira for their daughters.

In these modern days when reason proudly rejects the Puritan faith, it is well to remember what we owe to the men and women whose Bible names bore witness to a consecration of life to what was best and noblest.

The entrance portrait is that of Eve, a hymn of female conquest expressed in colours....


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    Shortly afterward, she insisted that the best team did not win and called her opponents a "bunch of cowards" for their style of play.

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