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“But, after everything you had been through, with the rape, and your son and the burns.” She slowed for a second as she saw the look on my face, “Yes, Paul told us about your past. You’ve had a really horrid time, so I told Vito not to do anything. Enough is enough for one life time don’t you think? I could hear an external buzz weirdly inside my head. Of the few things I expected tonight, this hadn’t been one of them.

He was asked to kill you, but I didn’t think it was fair.

‘You aren’t so loyal, or predictable either, are you? I have literally been in hiding for months, enduring a campaign of belligerent intimidation, but now you say you have turned on the very man you were working for. I have been in legitimate danger for 6 months probably more, and yet I’ve only told a few close friends, because I don’t want people to think I’m crazy.“So, um, exactly how much would that cost, you know, to remove me as a problem.” I suppose I want to know how much I was worth dead.

Wild angry rogues are more of a danger than professionals.”I was trying to stay with the conversation as my mind pieced things together. You were going to kill me only weeks ago, until you realised I may be of use to you, because now you have been conned like everyone else, and I may have information to help rescue the situation. This is so real, it’s bordering on ignorant that I ever doubted it. I will do what it takes to finish all of this, once and for all. I want to be famous and I want him to know, that I helped bring him down., but to do any of this, we probably need to figure out where Paul is.

Is it, that Filomina really knows that Kara is the one that caused this? Stood in front of the TV and swung around facing Vito.“He had a contract with you.” She distracted herself.