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If you wish to discontinue your subscription, click 'Options' and 'Unsubscribe' from the chat room.

Normally it would be some crazy spam message so I would recommend ignoring it and it will go away but one of my work colleges has got it too.

Plus if you've not yet got it on your bill you'll need to wait, the operators can only help when you've recieved it on paper. I have been on the phone with Telstra yesterday afternoon, and jumped through the hoops on their scripted help page, he keeps saying 'click options unsubscribe.'"Well i cant because im not subscribed! Both of us have never used the Telsta WAP side of things, and my work phone sites in a pocket in my tool bag all day? I ACTUALLY USE DIVA CHAT, IT'S FUN AT WORK WHEN I'M BORED SH*TLESS. I HAVEN'T WORKED THE PAST 4 DAYS AND I THOUGHT I MADE A BLUE WHEN I GOT THIS MESSAGE. I have this sms as well however when i try to click on Games on the Telstra Wap page i get handset not capable. Apparently you can unsubscribe by SMSThey told me SMS STOPGAMERS to 137663 or SMS STOPDIVAS to 137663 that will take you to some kind of page where you click unsubscribe.

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It should be noted that unsolicited text messaging and unsolicited subscriptions to premium mobile services may be a violation of Australian law. Please ensure that my mobile number is permanently unsubscribed from this and any other of your services and that I am not charged for this service. If I have already been charged for this service I demand a refund of any charges in full. Please respond within five (5) working days confirming this email, the reversal of any charges and my removal from your service.

In the event that my above demands are not met I shall be contacting the relevant consumer protection and telecommunications authorities and reserve the right to commence legal action against your company and any related entities.

Maybe this airg thing latched onto the company's phone account and when I unsubscribed my work phone it took care of all of our phones? Now that I check yes I've been paying sometimes twice a day on my last bill. The boss didn't have any charges on that bill, maybe it'll show up on this month's bill? Since some of you also have work mobiles I guess you've done the same?

It's shows as "air G Gamers " and "air G Divas" on my bill. This is pure speculation right now, don't take it as fact! Considering I'm a bit of a tech head, "gamers chat" sounds self-incriminating right now.

I attempted to reply to the message with "STOP" but such a message could not be sent.