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Samantha Carter is an astrophysicist, engineer, and pilot as well as a member of the United States Air Force who played a key role in establishing the Stargate Program before being assigned to the SGC's flagship team, SG-1 where she was the second-in-command for eight years before becoming the commanding officer of SG-1 for a year.

Considered Earth's leading expert on the Stargate and a host of other alien technology, her former commanding officer, Jack O'Neill once emphatically proclaimed her brain to be a national resource.

She was born on December 29, 1968, although Orlin seemed to believe she was born in the month of May.

She has a brother named Mark Carter, who is married and has two children, David and Lisa.

Though she had great scientific knowledge on the Stargate, she was not prepared for her first transport and was caught off-guard when arriving on Abydos. However, almost immediately she started investigating the Abydos Stargate, and its Dial Home Device. Daniel Jackson, Carter, along with him and O'Neill, visited the Abydos cartouche, discovering that the "Gate" could go to several hundred worlds and the reason why Earth's Stargate could not dial any planet other than Abydos.


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