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The term hell is cognate to "hole" (cavern) and "hollow".

It is a substantive formed from the Anglo-Saxon helan or behelian , "to hide".

Linda Smith experiences strange symptoms, including blackouts, after she hits puberty.

This subject is treated under eight headings: (I) Name and Place of Hell; (II) Existence of Hell; (III) Eternity of Hell; (IV) Impenitence of the Damned; (V) Poena Damni; (VI) Poena Sensus; (VII) Accidental Pains of the Damned; (VIII) Characteristics of the Pains of Hell.

A man is slowly choking to death by his overgrown face. Members of a family embrace being born with six fingers on each hand. Life Coach and Fitness Expert, Peter Nielsen shows you how Cardio and Interval Training can burn fat calories while also taking care of your heart.