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Ching infuses pork spareribs with all the flavors found in Chinese cooking – sweet, spicy, bitter and pungent – by marinating them in her secret sauce overnight.

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She stir-fries them in a wok over high heat (adding a splash of cold water to steam and soften the ingredients) and then cooks the thick pieces of black-pepper-marinated beef. A dry sherry will do.) To make a really stand-out chow mein, start with high-quality noodles.

Ching recommends using shi wheat flour noodles ("shi" means "thin" in Mandarin), which cook in only three minutes.

After searing them in a wok, she tops the pork loins with pineapple juice and lime mixture for that characteristic sweet-and-sour flavor.

To give carrots the thinness of bok choy, cabbage and sugar snap peas – and ensure that her vegetables cook evenly – Ching slices them into delicate ribbons using a potato peeler.

Feel free to omit the chicken strips for a vegetarian preparation and add extra chiles if you want to amplify the heat.


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