Dating adultery

Hell, I could hire a call girl if it came to that, though the risks were always a deterrent.

It wasn't like when I was in Rotterdam years ago and had access to all of those lovely Dutch whores.

Dating adultery-39

and marriages have been following this same pattern for a long time, and they will continue to follow this pattern unless we develop an accurate understanding of females -- particularly in regard to their sexuality.

After researching women's sexuality for more than ten years, I can honestly say that many of our societal beliefs about females are grossly distorted and some are completely erroneous.

I've realized that life's too short to turn away companionship, to refuse sexual advances because you're somehow tied down to one girl.

The trouble is that I'm, at least officially, Catholic.

Some thought the lover was a soul mate, but for one reason or another did not leave their husband and did not feel torn between the two.