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Like feedin' jujubes tae an elephant Verb: to know, understand Used by carrot-crunchers*, bumpkins** and a few teuchters*** who are insufficiently edumacated to realise that despite all best efforts to bring Scots kicking and screaming into the twentieth, never mind the twenty-first century, there are some usages that should be quitely euthanased. Due to high male unemployment, and the easy availability of women's jobs (cheaper labour) in the mills, many men stayed at home whilst the women worked.

They would have the kettle boiled for the wife coming home for her tea - and sufficient of them did this for the name to have stuck!

May be used to denote one who is over-eager to explore the possibilities of indiscriminate precocious sexual experimentation. pronounced HUMM DING ER Example: Huv ye met her Maw? But some people think they should be called Joojoobeees. ) See this link: US Joojoobeees The author of this site talks about Candian jujbes, but doesn't say what they are.

Sometimes spelled "hairy" Example: Young Lady: Naw, ah'm no gettin inty nae threesome wi you an yer mate! The best thing about the word jubejube / jujube is the marvellous expression it gives us: Any futile exercise; anything which involves an inordinate amount of work for very little return.

Heap of shale and other mining detritus, common feature at one time of the landscapes of West Fife, West Lothian and Lanarkshire.


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