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The beginning of our relationship went quite smooth and we have built a deep connection overtime and he was accepting of my history and my focus of life on my family.He's an ESTP full of energy, great with children, a go-getter, loving, affectionate, and loves to have a good time.Either Mother Nature is off her meds, or she's throwing one heck of a tantrum this spring. The next six to eight months will see me working with an editor and graphic designer. They enjoy action, are usually happiest "in the moment" and love the finer things in life.

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I'd really like to say it's a lovely day here, but we seem to be in the middle of a "storm norm" in this part of the country. The system that pummeled Oklahoma on Friday also had Missouri and Illinois in its path.

I was sound asleep when my husband woke me due to the town sirens going off. A dream come true for this INFJ :-)Also known as the Doer, Promoter, or Persuader, the ESTP is an exciting personality type with a penchant for flair and drama.

I make more of an effort to go out and socialize once in a while and he adjusts to being home and keeping the kids busy so I can keep the home neat.

Although, cleanliness and going-out were not our only issues, we have found a good balance with each other. By far our relationship is one of the more challenging ones.

I've found that spending time with Wendy is great for inspiring ideas and creativity.