What is the meaning of intimidating online dating in kansas city mo

Gender norms are shifting, and it can be hard for guys to get used to the idea of a woman who not only matches but potentially surpasses their strength.

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Does crushing it at the gym, climbing the ladder at work, and looking put together while doing it actually scare men off? I asked my boyfriend whether this is more of a convenient reason guys use to break off a budding relationship or a legitimate feeling they might have when dealing with a powerful woman.

He says it's the latter."A guy might absolutely feel like a woman is too attractive, too cool, too smart, or something along those lines.

There's nothing sexier than a guy who understands that he's dealing with a formidable, sexy, capable woman and rises to the occasion.

If he's not able to do that because he's just too intimidated, well, that's fine.

It means the men in question should get over it and learn to love the idea of meeting a woman who is a match in every area.


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