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Revenge against Duke is his aim, but Rick is a cursed man, and his actions set tragic wheels in motion.

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When over the phone Rick asks what she's up to, Eve coolly announces she's having sex with a girlfriend, to which he responds, "That's good, just don't join the army."Eve gets her kicks in an online sex chat room as Vixxxen; here she has an ongoing virtual tryst with the far more serious Big Boss, who is none other than Duke.

Identities are revealed piecemeal and confused to some extent, but Rick learns enough about the online encounters that he contacts a mysterious acquaintance named Buck (Dylan Baker), whose company arranges corporate assassinations.

As they prepare for a dinner (at a restaurant named Verdi's, of course), Eve is underdressed for her father's taste, but he is less concerned for her than for himself, fearing people will believe he is dating a supermodel.

It's difficult to imagine any father of a teenage daughter allowing such a confusion to linger, even in a world as twisted as this.

is a determined march against encroaching imperial darkness; their eyes boring into the shadows for danger but they're aware that blinding lights can kill and distort truth.