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The poor became rich; the rich became dependant on God. We are planting cells everywhere and amongst everyone – children (7-12 with adult leaders), youth (13-19 with adult leaders), young adults, adults, senior citizens, couples and singles; In prisons and hospitals; In Germiston, Alberton and surroundings, Heidelberg, Secunda and Pretoria. We have given financial support to churches in Germiston, Zimbabwe and Malawi and support a big Missions network in the rest of Africa.We are connected to churches in Singapore, Ivory Coast and the USA to whose success we are totally committed.

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Pride is the excessive love of one's own excellence. Gregory , considers it the queen of all vices, and puts vainglory in its place as one of the deadly sins.

It is ordinarily accounted one of the seven capital sins. In giving it this pre-eminence he takes it in a most formal and complete signification.

As such it is understood that all leaders and members of Dunamis International Family Church shall be subject to submission to authority in matters pertaining to Church Government, doctrine and personal behaviour To be able to connect to God’s heart and thereby equip and train people continuously to move forward, take dominion and thus take over cities and nations for God. Senior Pastor shared his heart / vision without realizing that he introduced the cell life to us. We learned that it is impossible to trust God if you cannot trust a man. The basic qualities that they had were being faithful, submissive, available and teachable (FAST).

People are important to God and therefore DIFC will help them to become successful, prosperous and influential in all areas of life to benefit the Kingdom of God. That was the basic criteria by which they were chosen.

A wonderful synergy exists between young, old, coloured, black, white, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Zambian, Congolese and Zimbabwean, just to mention a few.